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The future of radio is here today.

The future of radio is here today.

Despite no longer broadcasting over the FM waves, WORG radio as the community knew it is still going strong, just with a new way of listening.

Even though Marion and Jody Garris sold 100.3FM to Education Media Foundation who took over April 1, familiar lite rock favorites are still being pumped into offices, businesses, homes, and cars through modern technology on WORG Online.


The best part: WORG Online is still the area’s local station.  From the Downtown Farmers Market and classes at the Arts Center to Vacation Bible School and Public Safety workshops, local information is still streamed into the community on computers, smartphones, tablets, and radios on the free WORG Online Radio app.


WORG Online, under the umbrella of Garris Creative, LLC, is owned and operated by Meredith Garris.  She has been a daily fixture and voice in the community for over thirteen years and was on the airwaves in some capacity for twenty-two on WORG-FM. 

“It’s easy to listen to WORG Online to stay informed about what’s happening here at home and supporting local efforts and local business,” says Garris. 

“That’s the top priority of WORG Online – serving Orangeburg and the surrounding communities – because that’s what people have come to expect from the WORG franchise.  That’s what makes WORG Online stand out from other streaming outlets – local, local, local.  If you care about the area, you’ll care about listening.”

The website worgonline.com hosts the digital stream of WORG Online and houses community information.  The WORG Online Radio app is available for download for free for Apple devices like iPhones and iPads in the App Store and for Samsung and Droid devices in Google Play.  WORG Online can also be found on the popular TuneIn app which comes standard on many tech gadgets including Internet radios, Bluetooth speakers, and smart TVs.  Simple and inexpensive auxiliary cables or audio Y adaptors can connect computers or smart devices directly to many FM radios for a simple solution. 

“There are so many ways to listen.  There’s not an excuse not to listen!  For example, when visiting my dad a few days ago, he said, ‘Alexa, play WORG Online on TuneIn.’  All of sudden, there’s my music and voice coming through, and he’s grinning at me.  Technology is a wonderful thing, and it’s changing every facet of assimilating information through media.  The future of radio is already here today.”

With audio being able to play in the background on smartphones and tablets while listeners are on social media, gaming, and messaging, studies by eMarketer printed in Inside Radio show that the amount of time spent on mobile apps is increasing – with listening to music being the most used function.  The average adult in the United States will spend two hours and twenty-five minutes per day using mobile apps in 2017, and that number is steadily increasing.

“Some people thought I was shocked that my parents sold the radio station earlier this year,” declares Garris.  “Quite the opposite.  It was beyond time for both of them to retire.  We discussed a takeover, but I studied the trend of the radio market, watching digital media attack traditional media from every direction, so I encouraged them to seek a buyer.  I was in the loop for the entire selling process.”

While she knew she’d face challenges, Garris knew she wanted to uphold as much of the local station as she could while advancing with technology.  She is still tweaking details to maintain what listeners are accustomed to hearing.

The format remains adult contemporary with oldies dominating Saturday programming, Northside Baptist Church and St. Paul’s United Methodist Church anchor Sunday morning worship services, and listeners spend the rest of Sunday at the beach with familiar favorites like Charlie Brown and Fessa John Hook.

“I’ve spent time over the last weeks getting streams set in offices, businesses, and cars.  If anyone needs assistance, I am more than happy to come get you plugged back in.  Call me or email me, and I’ll be there!”

To contact Garris, call 803-516-8400 or email meredith@worgonline.com



On a computer, listen on worgonline.com.

On a smartphone or tablet, download the free WORG Online Radio app from the App Store or Google Play.

On an Internet radio, many major Bluetooth speakers, smart TVs, Xboxes, and new generation PlayStations, listen on the TuneIn app.

On FM radios, use a wireless FM transmitter, auxiliary cable, or audio Y adaptors.

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